Netflix Tudum 2021: trailers, news, and how to watch highlights

Just like Disney’s planned Disney Day and the last major Nintendo live broadcast, Netflix knows it pays to hype the release calendar. Input: Tudum streaming media event in 2021. Tudum will be airing for three hours on Saturday, October 25th. Dozens of guests and celebrities will be invited to guest appearances, introducing new footage of upcoming Netflix shows and movies, the highly anticipated sequel, and sharing information about how people will stream this year Media content of news and next.

Fans can play Netflix’s Tudum on the streaming service’s Twitch channel or YouTube, where they can still watch it for three hours.

During the live broadcast, Netflix plans to show Strange things Season 4, plus a new look Sandman, League of Legends‘Animated series Arcane, denim, Bridgetown, with That wizardThe expected announcement includes the release date of the new season Tiger King, with Umbrella AcademyThe streaming service also hints at a sequel to a large exclusive movie.

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