Netflix unveiled June showcase for the premiere of The Witcher Season 2 and Cuphead TV series

Netflix is ​​hosting a special showcase around E32021. The streaming company hosts a live stream event in June, and you can see the following shows first: The Witcher Season 2, Cuphead Show, More.

Netflix’s main Twitter account, Geeked sister site, is making fun of the next showcase called Geeked Week in June. From June 7th to 11th, Netflix will host a special stream containing “Big News, Exciting First Look, and Other Information from Your Favorite Shows and Movies.”

I’m not sure exactly what you’re seeing about these properties, The witcher Season 2 shooting is complete. Perhaps you can get the first trailer and the planned release date? Cuphead show Little is known except for the initial publication and brief description, but it is also a source of interest. Teaser With the design behind future adaptations.

I’m terribly late for everything Umbrella Academy, So I can’t provide any insights there.Still, the final season of Lucifer Is also on the horizon, promising even greater twists and turns, ending the series with great success.

We still don’t know when the showcase will take place. There are only dates at the moment, but I hope Netflix will soon share the details here.

It will be interesting to see how this showcase will be done and what Netflix will be in the future. It was previously reported that Netflix has approached several celebrities in the gaming space to expand its reach in this market. The company has already played a pretty good role in game adaptations such as: Biohazard: Infinite Darkness It’s coming soon. More games, more problems? I don’t know yet, but I would like to know more.

What do you want to see from Geeked Week on Netflix? Do you think this will drop at about the same time as E3? Make a noise with what you want to see revealed in the comments section below!