Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop can’t ruin Vicious because Vicious actually sucks

Since Netflix revealed denim At the beginning of last month, fans of the original sci-fi animation seemed to be polarized before the upcoming live-action adaptation premiere. Some people think the series looks like an interesting and fresh work of a well-loved anime classic, while others think it looks like a disgusting self-aware fan video-even though the budget is indeed very high. high.

These criticisms are directed at all aspects, from the editing of the trailer, the costume styles of actors John Zhao, Mustafa Shakir and Daniela Pineda, and even Spike played by Alex Hassel. ·The emergence of Spiegel’s nemesis Vicious and other supporting roles (suburbs).Honestly, he Do It looks ridiculous. Look at the man.He looks like a guest judge blacksmith Who is about to uncover the secret ingredient.He looks like from Adams family Play as Alucard of Castlevania. He looks like Rhaegar Targaryen’s Halloween spirit fake costume.

Photo: Jeffrey Short/Netflix

This is not necessarily a mistake by the creator of the Netflix show. In fact, I even think that Alex Hassell’s view of viciousness is consistent with the characters in the 1998 series. A live-action adaptation of Netflix is ​​impossible denim “Destroy” the viciousness, because, honestly, the vicious character is denim It was scary from the beginning.

Cowboy Bebop Creator Shinichiro Watanabe introduced Vicious for the first time in the fifth episode of “Song of Fallen Angels” using silent flashbacks and contextual clues. He is a senior member of the Red Dragon Group, a criminal organization that Spike belonged to before becoming a bounty hunter. Vicious and Spike were their partners and friends when they were young, and they were both mentored by a senior member of the Red Dragon named Mao Yanlei. When Spike fell in love with Julia, then Vicious’s girlfriend, a rift formed between the two.

In “Jupiter Jazz Part 1 & 2”, it is revealed that at a certain moment in Vicious’s life, it is likely that after Spike left the Red Dragon group and faked his own death, he and Gren served in the battle of the Titan Moon together. The soldier, a former comrade, accused him of acting as a spy and testified in a military court. Vicious is a sadistic, cold, bloodthirsty and unambiguously “vicious” person (even his name!), he wants power and will get it at all costs. In addition, he brandished a katana and prepared a big bird like a crane for a pet full of explosives. That’s it.

Vicious and Spike drawn with sword and pistol in Cowboy Bebop (1998)

Picture: Sunrise

In addition to the core actors of Spike, Fay, Jet and Ed, Viciousness is the main foil of Spike, and it is also the closest thing to the main recurring characters in the series. He appeared in 5 of the 26 episodes in the series. Nevertheless, compared with the character itself, he is more like a vague confrontational existence. His conversations consist almost entirely of concise, ominous witticisms, such as “When angels are driven out of heaven, they become demons” or “The cloud climate has nothing to do with me.” He is a monotonous anime villain, except for the bastard. There is no obvious arc or motive outside. Compared with Spike, Spike is a cute and multi-faceted protagonist with a deep personality and nuances. Compared with it, Vicious looks dwarfed. He is equivalent to a very cool character for a 13-year-old kid.

So I am not saying that when I watched the series in the original adult swimming competition, I never thought Vicious was cool.And it can be said that there are more avant-garde and thinner anime villains than Vicious-look at Radtz from Dragon Ball with, Or from Masago Makishima Psychological Pass. I just want to say that it has been a long time since I was 13 years old. When it comes to characterization in the animations I watch, I now start to look forward to more.

For example, the main villain of Mereum Full-time hunterThe arc of Chimera Ant can be said to be more ruthless and violent than Vicious has ever been; his evolution in the arc process finds that the audience understands and even sympathizes with him because he strives to reconcile the humanity and semi-insect in his nature. My hero academiaTomura Shigaraki was basically a series that started as a running dog apprentice of All Might’s nemesis All For One, and then gradually grew into a powerful and cunning opponent.even Full Metal Alchemist: BrotherhoodFather has his own arc. As a former dwarf humanoid, a creature unable to perform alchemy on his own, he aspires to become a god in his tenacious pursuit of absolute knowledge and self-empowerment. Compared with these examples, Vicious pales in comparison because he has no clear arc or goal to define the opposite goal of Spike, except for the simple desire for power for the sake of power itself.

The vicious frown in Cowboy Bebop (1998)

Picture: Sunrise/Gourd

For a vivid and original series like this denimWhen creating its own colorful characters and universe, it improvised from several distinct genres such as sci-fi, black, and westerns. Vicious is a disappointing flattened sad nihilist who tends to treat himself It perches on narrow ledges and is generally a creep. If anything, the costume design that Alex Hassell portrays a vicious real person is a thorough description of this. In addition, since there is more than 20 years between the production of the original animation and the live-action film adaptation of Netflix, there is enough room to improve Spike’s nemesis.

Speak to polygons, denim The show host Andre Nemek said that developing the story of John Zhao as Spike also means enriching his relationship with Julia, who is played by Elena Satin geniusNemec described Julia as “more an idea than a character” in the original animation. This description can also be used to describe Vicious. Be Netflix denim It premiered this fall.