Netflix’s Devil May Cry anime will not feature Chris Pratt as the protagonist, the producer says

This year is 2021, and whenever we confirm that Chris Pratt is clearly not an actor in a project, the Internet will collectively breathe a sigh of relief.

Netflix announced in 2018 that it is developing an animation based on the Capcom action series “Devil May Cry”, with Adi Shankar, the animation producer of the streaming service Castlevania at the helm. Shankar deleted some information about the status of Devil May Cry anime in a file Recent interview with IGN, But there is one detail that stands out.

“I can also confirm that Chris Pratt will not voice any characters,” Shankar told IGN, after he said that popular characters from the “Devil May Cry” game will appear in the animation.

This joking comment refers to news that Pratt has recently cast roles in two animated films: playing Garfield in an untitled Sony Pictures movie, and playing Mario in an Illumination feature-length animated Mario movie .

Pratt has recently become the focus of online fans-this week, He posted a picture of him and his wife, Catherine Schwarzenegger, uses a playful headline that divides the Internet on Instagram. Before that, he assured people on Twitter that he was working hard to play Mario when Nintendo announced his cast.

After his Garfield was cast, he Turned into a literal meme Where people are joking False announcement of his casting. Any animation program has a character dubbed by Chris Pratt.Therefore, Shankar, who is also the executive producer of animated Netflix, makes sense Castlevania Series, I want to ease our anxiety.