Netflix’s You Season 3 is still the best narrator on TV

If the golden rule of storytelling is “show, don’t tell,” then narration is a rebellion for no reason, putting the middle finger under the headmaster’s nose and blatantly despising this rule.Unless the narrative runs the risk of proof why Showing is better than telling, plugging the middle finger into a live electrical outlet instead of pointing at The Man, and makes the rebel not so cool. Netflix youHowever, breaking this rule with an incredible style provides a narrator who is not only excellent but may also have a long history.

you It is a thriller that follows Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg. Joe Goldberg is a bookseller. He may think of himself as the hero of his story more than most people. And his goal in this grand life novel? Sweep the woman he dreamed of from her the whole process youIn the story, the woman changes because he spends all his free time tracking his nearest target and killing anyone who stands between him and his fantasy of being with her. How the audience knows this is simple: Joe can easily narrate almost every waking moment. It’s even scary.

Joe’s narrative is also an elegant solution to the long-standing problem of the anti-hero protagonist: empathizing and supporting the character’s natural tendency to spend a lot of time in the view. Like many shows about scary people (breaking Bad, Sopranos, friends) A lot of tension you Originated from Joe Goldberg, the real murderer, he escaped the consequences of his actions in three seasons and is still counting. Although Joe recounted the show, he is not the only character it follows.Joe is always part of the community-because you People who care about that community, no matter how charming he is, he is always a cancer in the end.

If it were not for this fact, one could accuse the show of repeating itself every year youof The writer is not interested in exploring stories about the impunity of bad guys. They are very interested in a story that records a kind, bookish white man accustomed to seeing women as objects of attention and obsession, and seeing their attention as normal or invited objects-so much that it may lead to murder . (This is where you Most like the series before the show host Sera Gamble, magician, Among other things, this is a deconstruction of the white male protagonist in the genre novel. )

Joe’s stream of consciousness is advancing; the joy of listening to it lies in hearing his acting self (a good person), his true self (a killer, and some other questions I don’t have the right to say) and his impulse. Feelings wandering between. This is most evident in times of stress, where Joe-who denies that he is capable of getting rid of the murderous way-must clean up the crime scene where he blames his partner, lingering between guaranteed damage control and profanity complaints:”damn it this, damn it This, fuck my life. ” you Like to make it clear that even if Joe has the ability sometimes, he is very pitiful.

Spanning three seasons, you Putting Joe’s drug addiction in different contexts, each one shows a more subtle toxic masculinity. As the surrounding environment changes, Joe becomes a more complicated monster; from his distant fascination with season 1 to his extremely unhealthy (but creepy real feeling) marriage and parents settled down in season 3. identity.This is another youIronic irony: By carefully crafting such a well-known bad relationship, it has become one of the best shows about relationships, showing the delicate balance between personal satisfaction and collective happiness brought by marriage and children. Just replace “murder” with practical, healthy ambition.

Photo: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Joe’s narrative allows us to experience all this. As Badgley portrays, Joe’s voice operates on a wonderfully ironic baseline, a kind of wit and acrimony, but too clever for irony, full of people worthy of goals such as health-industrial complex or alpha-bro combined exercises Contempt.This narrative is too fascinating, too thorough interesting, The whiplash that happened when Joe publicly and nakedly projected his obsession on a casual woman was more terrifying than any jumping panic, because it felt like an accomplice: you just let Are you fascinated by this terrible man yourself?

Thirty episodes, you Walking on this tightrope with dazzling composure, winning the audience with one of the richest voices on TV-Bagley’s talent is a huge delivery technique, and his self-centered view has led to a spiral Allusions, his resentment is reflected in his throat, and he expresses his anger in the most cathartic tone damn it You will hear it. I really want him to tell about my own life, if I don’t know what his attention means to me.

you Season 3 premiered on October 15th and is now playing on Netflix.Season 4 Already announced.