New Back4 Blood trailer reveals PvPS warm mode and playable Ridden

Warner and Turtle Rock Studios have unveiled Back 4 Blood’s competitive PvPS warm mode and the look of a playable Ridden.

Appears in E32021 as part of a discussion with Turtle Rock Studios lead game designer Brandon Janez. Back 4 Blood PvP gameplay trailers show how this mode “complements the game’s collaborative campaign elements” and adds a unique twist to your team-based strategy.

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In swarm mode, two squads of four face each other in the best three series rounds as the team trades to play as cleaner and reden.

Points are awarded based on how long the cleaner can survive and withstand a reden attack. There is a team that keeps the clock the longest while the cleaner wins the match.

Also announced today was the playable Ridden. In that trailer, we’ll take a closer look at the various playable Riddens available in swarm mode.

While playing from a Ridden perspective, you can choose from nine Ridden variants, including Tallboy, Bruiser, Crusher, Seeker, Exploder, Retch, Stinger, Hocker, and Stalker.

Each Ridden type has its own features and can be upgraded using an extension called mutation. See for yourself in the trailer below.

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Back 4 Blood will be released on October 12th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

The beta version will be held August 5-9 for those who pre-order the game, and the open beta version will be released August 12-16.

Both beta versions are playable on the platforms mentioned above, and both include cross-play and cross-generation support.