New Deadmau5 music videos made by game designers around the world

In August, we interviewed the famous electronic artist Joel “Deadmau5” Zimmerman to learn about his upcoming project in Core. This is a creative space where designers can make their own video game experience and emphasize multi-person interaction. The multiplayer game world called Oberhalsi will be a place where listeners discover new music, interact with each other and play games. To celebrate Oberhalsi and cooperate with many game designers/fans, more than 130 abnormal virtual worlds were created for the music video of the popular single “When The Summer Dies”. In the end, the top ten songs from all over the world were selected as the background display of the songs. You can watch the video below.

“For a long time, I have been trying to integrate music and technology, and now through games, I can take it to a whole new level,” Deadmau5 said. “Usually, it takes months, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to make music videos. In this case, by crowdsourcing the creation to the Core community and deadmau5 fans, we can Video with an amazing 3D world is integrated. The quality of the interactive experience and the speed of production are incredible, which proves why more and more artists are looking for unique opportunities in games to provide audiences with new experiences.”

In our interview with Deadmau5, the musician also talked about his experience as an independent developer and his overall excitement for Oberhalsi:

“Creating a world like Oberhasli has been my vision for many years, but I quickly discovered how daunting it is to create a multiplayer experience as an independent developer,” Zimmerman said. “The amazing thing about Core is that anyone can join and create content regardless of experience or resources. We have seen virtual concerts in the past, but after they caused a sensation, they disappeared; they have no expiration date. With Oberhasli, I I want to create a permanent pillar for the artist’s Metaverse, update it regularly over time, switch things, and align it with real-world news and auxiliary events.”

Oberhalsi will make its debut on Core next month (October 14 to be exact) and will provide exclusive live music performances for those who log in.