New Destiny 2 players are caught in a terrible eternal battle

Around an interesting story recently released Eternal courage Activity in Destiny 2 Appeared recently. Forbes first reportIt seems that new players who entered Destiny 2 for the first time were pushed into this mode when they started playing the game, when they were seriously under-equipped and had no idea what was going on.

This is how all this works. After Eternal Dare and Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Update were released together, players immediately lined up for Xur’s Eternal Dare meeting. No matter what you are doing, or how much Destiny 2 you have played, you have been forced to introduce new content.

Although we can only assume that this is done so any confusion about how to access the content described and players wanting to obtain the loot of their dirty hands is eliminated, it causes misfortune for those who naively launch the game Situation time. You see, the minimum energy level of Eternity is 1150, while the level of new players is only 1100.

As you might expect, this means that the enemies that players are forced to face once they enter the event are very vicious. Although you can exit Eternal Bravery by returning to orbit, this does not seem to be the fascinating initial experience that new players expect. In addition, for players who are new to the game, it may take a while to figure out how to do this, so this is not a perfect solution.

As Forbes writer Paul Tassi pointed out, this will also affect players who have not been exposed to Destiny 2 for a long time, because their equipment will also be around 1100. Not a good welcome back gift, right?

In a game that has been under fire for the rough new player experience, this is largely due to most of the original content of Destiny 2, including the original Red War campaign, which of course is not what you want to see. In addition, As the Witch Queen expansion is approaching, let us hope that those who wish to prepare before release will not be discouraged from playing.

There is good news. According to a Reddit thread detailing the issue, The team is aware of this error. We can only hope that this means that it will be corrected quickly before more potential guardians face this difficult beginning.

If you haven’t entered Destiny 2 after the 30th anniversary update, we have a guide on the new Gjallarhorn Exotic and Catalyst. If the “Queen of Witch” expansion pack is more to your taste, please check our report on the latest trailer here.