New Destiny 2: The Witch Queen trailer shows the dangers in the world of Shavatoun’s Throne

Bungie revealed back in 2020 that Savathûn, the younger sister of Oryx from The Taken King in Destiny, would be doing her own expansion, and last year the studio revealed that Our Guardians would be taking over the Witch Queen in February.

Bungie’s marketing of its upcoming Destiny 2 expansion has been ramping up as February 22 looms, and today, the company released trailer All about the new area to explore: the world of the Throne of Savathûn. As seen in other trailers, Savathûn is a big fan of anything with a dark green hue, and her Throne World is no exception. However, all is not as it seems, as Savathûn believes the area is essentially an extension of her mind.

“Tell me, distinguished guest,” Savathûn says in the trailer. “Why do you want to run away? This throne world is no different from my own mind, guardian. I record and count every step I take, every bullet fired. It’s not too late to turn around.”

It’s not an omen at all…

As you can see in the trailer above, the world of Thrones looks very unique compared to other places we’ve visited in Destiny 2, giving it a unique sense of horror. It also looks diverse, which is exciting. The trailer’s description mentions Savathûn’s “glistening palace” and “the gnarled roots in the swamp,” so it sounds like there’s still a journey ahead before we actually get to Savathûn’s throne.

We’ll all know more when the Witch Queen hits Destiny 2 on February 22nd.

While waiting for this extension, check it out game whistleblower Lore Refresher on Savathûn, then read about how you need the digital deluxe edition of The Witch Queen to play its dungeons instead of buying them individually. Watch this narrative-focused trailer for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, which was released in December.

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