New Disney Plus products in October 2021: Muppet Haunted House and Black Widow

Disney Plus was launched in 2019 and has most of Disney’s backup catalog, but the platform has not yet reached its maximum capacity.In addition to original content, such as the upcoming Marvel series if…? , Many movies and shows are included under other streaming services and licenses.Every month, there will be some new headlines pouring in Disney Plus.

This is a month full of Halloween specials, including a spooky Lego Star Wars and the first Muppet Halloween special ever!In addition, new episodes if… ?, Turner and Hooch, with Doogie Kamealoha, Doctor of Medicine. Black widow Will be available to all subscribers.You can see Don Bluth’s from the list below Thumbelina, Two Alvin and Chipmunk movies and so on.

Available on October 1

Alvin and the Chipmunks
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Highway Chips
Let it go: you decide to broadcast!
The scariest story ever: Mickey Mouse Halloween ghost!

Lego Star Wars Horror Story Premiere

From Disney: After the incident The rise of Skywalker, Po and BB-8 must make an emergency landing on the volcanic planet Mustafa, where they met the greedy and indulgent Hutt man Grabara. He bought Darth Vader’s castle and transformed it into the galaxy’s No. An all-encompassing and luxurious hotel. While waiting to repair his X-wing, Poe, BB-8, Grabara and Dean (a brave and brave boy who serves as Grabara’s mechanic) go deep into the mystery with Vader’s loyal servant Vanni Castle. Along the way, Vaneé shared three creepy stories related to ancient artifacts and iconic villains from various eras of Star Wars. When Varney made up his story and lured our hero into the dark hinterland of the castle deeper, a sinister plan emerged. With Dean’s help, Poe and BB-8 will have to face their fears, stop an ancient evil from rising, and escape to return to their friends.

Available on October 6

Black widow

Photo: Jay Maidment/Marvel Studios

Disney Junior The Chicken Squad (S1) Ep. Surprise party surprise / UF Oh-No
Draining the Ocean: The Mississippi and the Arctic War (S1)
Drain the ocean (S4)
Ghost and Molly McGee (S1), 5 episodes
Influence with Gal Gadot (S1)
Puppet baby (S3), 9 episodes
Puppy friend (S4), 5 episodes
Spiderman and his amazing friends (S1) Ep. Rocket Rhino / Trick or Treat-E

Among the stars First season premiere

All episodes streaming

From Disney: A six-part documentary series that allows you to enter the wider NASA world on the wall, with cameras on earth and space. Captain Chris Cassidy, a NASA astronaut, is seeking to return to his spacesuit to complete his last mission. This series tells about Chris and the wider team, who take on the task of risking their lives, limbs, and reputation for the greater good of mankind. As their mission unfolds, join them.

Turner and Hodge Season Final Episode 112 “Bite Club”

From Disney: After being captured in episode 111, Scott desperately wants to escape and reunite with Hodge. With nowhere to go, he realizes that his only hope is to cooperate with Nuke, an angry bulldog who desperately needs a friend. Laura summoned everyone and every dog ​​she could find to rescue her brother, stop Walton, and carry out a bold rescue before it was too late.

if…? Season Final Episode #109

From Disney: What if…? Flip the script on the MCU and reimagine the famous events in the movie in unexpected ways. The first animation series of Marvel Studios focused on different heroes from the MCU, and the voice actors included many stars who replayed their roles. The series is directed by Bryan Andrews; AC Bradley is the lead writer.

Chip’n’Dale: Park Life Episode 111 “Pizza Moon Night / Who is your grandma? / Summer Partner Syndrome”

From Disney: Chip and Dale venture into the city! / An old lady squirrel squatted in the chipmunk’s house. / Dell wants to do things by himself.

Doogie Kamealoha, MD Episode 105 “Dunk Cost”

From Disney: Clara is determined to lock in the post of chief of staff. When she tried to win the support of Dr. Choi, the outgoing chief of staff, Benny learned that Lahra was pursuing a new passion. She is very interested in DripFlip, a website used by sneaker lovers to buy and sell limited edition shoes for profit. He seized the opportunity to spend quality time with his daughter and taught wisdom from the stock trading day. When Lahra went too far, Benny shared the most important lesson about balance and life.

Available on October 8

The story of the two witches of Disney boy Mickey
In a state of confidentiality

Muppet Haunted House Premiere

Gonzo opens a door

Picture: Disney

From Disney: Great Gonzo-the world’s famous bold artist, has done all this, saw it all, and survived it all. But on Halloween night, Fearless Gonzo accepted the biggest challenge of his life and spent a very bold night in the most gloomy place on earth… a haunted house.

Listed on October 13

Apollo: Return to the Moon (S1)
Mickey Mouse Mixed Adventure (S1) Ep. The Spooky Spook House / Clarabelle’s Banana Splitz!
Secrets of the zoo: North Carolina (S1)
The Secret of the Zoo: Underground (S2)
Paw wizard (S1)
Zombies: Addison’s Moonstone Mysterious Shorts (S1)

Beyond Season 1 premiere all episodes streaming

From Disney: Inspired by the work of RL Stine, “Beyond” is an eight-part anthology series that tells an amazing and thought-provoking story that transcends the reality as we know it. Each episode introduces a group of new characters to the audience, who must make a surprising journey of self-discovery in the supernatural world of witches, aliens, ghosts, and parallel universes.

Chip’n’Dale: Park Life Season ending episode 112 “Delivery Duck / Darkness in the Park / Chopin Dale”

From Disney: Chip and Dale order food from Donald. /Donald was trapped in the park at night. / Chipmunk and Donald reach an agreement

Doogie Kamealoha, MD Episode 106 “Workplace Baby”

From Disney: Lahra struggled to know where she fits; she is not an ordinary doctor, nor is she a typical teenager. She was too young to attend Dr. Li’s party with her medical colleagues, but she held a career day alumni booth at her former high school. When Lahela decided to join the popular dance team in high school, Steph’s pressure grew. In the hospital, Lahra tried to reconnect with the two estranged sisters for a kidney transplant, and finally realized where she had always been.

Available on October 15

The Lost City and Albertlin: The Great Flood
Megacity of the Maya Warrior King

Available on October 20

Disney’s Magic Baking (S1), 4 episodes
Pajama mask (S5), 6 episodes
The wild life of Dr. Ole (S1)

Disney Insider Episode 108 “Attracted by life, puppets and haunted houses, our own studio tour”

From Disney: Watch Disney’s animation art come to life in the new Cirque du Soleil show “Drawn to Life”. Go behind the scenes of the “Muppet Haunted House” and learn how the puppets and haunted houses are inspired by the four iconic Disney Haunted House attractions in various Disney theme parks around the world, gathered together to create an epic Halloween special. Be our guest and visit the history of the Walt Disney Studio Lot, where every corner is full of magic.

Doogie Kamealoha, MD Episode 107 “Emotional”

From Disney: Lahela and Clara work together and share their vision for the medical profession. When Dr. Arthur Goldstein, a Seattle surgeon with cutting-edge medical technology, visited the hospital, the situation suddenly changed. Benny was preparing for his favorite surfing competition, only to find that he was placed in the senior group. Although Lahela considered a scholarship to study with Dr. Goldstein, Benny considered surfing the 12-foot waves with Walter and his partners to show that he still owns it.

Marvel Studio: Assemble “The Making of Black Widow”

From Disney: Assembled is an immersive documentary series that explores the creative process of Marvel Studios’ exciting new shows and drama releases.

Available on October 22

Rookie of the Year

Thumbelina, a girl with strawberry blond hair, surrounded by cute little bug creatures

Picture: 20th Century Studio

Available on October 27

Port protection Alaska (S4)

Disney Insider Episode 109 “Harmonious Harmony, Diana’s Food, Edge of the Galaxy…Virtually Expanding”

From Disney: Disney Insider leads the audience to learn about the production process of the new EPCOT night spectacular “Harmonious”, which is the classic Disney music and reinterpreted by 240 artists from different cultures from all over the world (including Luis Fonsi, Lindsey Stirling, Máiréad Nesbitt, Ndlovu) The exquisite combination of visual effects comes from the youth choir of South Africa and so on. The Disney cruise ship chef at “Tiana’s Place” aboard the Disney Wonder allows viewers to taste Creole-style delicacies from “The Princess and the Frog.” Travel across the galaxy and enter ILMxLab’s latest VR adventure game “Star Wars: A Story of Galaxy’s Edge”, and learn how the voice actor Bobby Moynihan’s character “Seezelslak” was created.

Doogie Kamealoha, MD Episode 108 “Talk”

From Disney: Lahra is moved by the love between an elderly patient and his newlywed bride, and can imagine a future with Walter. But Noelani forced Lahela to question the long-term viability of a teenage doctor and a surfer/skating athlete, and encouraged her to accept an invitation to recite poetry from a young university hospital volunteer. When Clara, a full-scale business, learned that she had to chat with her colleagues to win the post of chief of staff, Benny encouraged her to teach her “storytelling” and show them her interesting side.

Marvel Studio: Assemble “What if…?”

Available on October 29

Bob Ballard: The life of an explorer