New Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Gameplay Revealed, More DLC News

Baldur’s Gate is back in this generation and you can enjoy the new Dungeons & Dragons titles. I’ve done some personal thoughts on future RPGs, but the Tuque Games and Wizards of the Coast teams have a lot more to share. This time around, you’ll enjoy the new Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance gameplay, as well as an inside look at the ongoing DLC ​​plan.

Sony shared the latest look at the Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance in the video below and showed off some more cinematic shots just before jumping into the important gameplay. This is what you’d expect from a dark alliance game with combat mechanics and an overall setup, and it’s exciting for anyone who is really looking forward to revisiting this universe. Especially when you look at the co-op.

But it’s not just the games at launch that we have to look forward to. The team also shared that they first reviewed the Dark Alliance roadmap to reveal some expansion plans in progress. The first two DLCs released are completely free, both scheduled for this summer and fall. The first DLC introduces a new level that hasn’t been revealed in detail yet, but the second set of DLC offers a new level and more difficulty options.

the first Expansion, However, it’s called the Echoes of the Blood War and is scheduled for release in the fall of 2021. This extension offers a new story to enjoy, a fresh new playable character. More Levels, and some surprises that haven’t been revealed yet. It’s not listed as free and looks like a full extension, not just a DLC update, but with that announcement I want to learn more.

With the launch on June 22nd for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players, you’ll see what the Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is preparing.

Dungeons & Dragons: What do you think of the latest Dark Alliance gameplay show? Are you friendly, exciting, or just not feeling? Let us know what you think in the comments below!