New Fallout: London Trailer Shows Bikers and Armed Elephants

frustrated with the prospect Fallout 5 Not in another ten years or so? We feel your pain, but at least there will be something radiation-related to look forward to in the near future. Fallout: London (opens in new tab), the “DLC-sized” Fallout 4 mod set in post-apocalyptic England, has a lengthy new trailer and a release window. That last bit is good news for impatient fans of power armor and old-school radio, because Fallout: London is coming sometime in 2023.

Just as importantly, there are some really interesting moments in the trailer, including seeing someone riding a bike (hopefully the player), and an end-credits clip (yes, that happens even in the trailer) that gives us a brief glimpse of what seems to be People who ride elephants into battle.