New heroic agents and abilities reportedly leaked, see “Bounty Hunter”

Valuation Frankly, tactical first-person shooters have been all the rage since they first launched in June 2020. What started out as a title of just 5 agents now features 19 agents, all with unique abilities, and a 20th agent is said to be making their way.

The famous Valorant leaker, Courage to leak, is a man who drives fans into madness. However, the new agent’s codename isn’t actually all that new to us. When KAY/O was released as Agent 17, we witnessed two codenames being leaked: Grenadier and Bounty Hunter.

Now that we know that KAY/O is actually a Grenadier, we still need to figure out who BountyHunter might be. Clearly they are not Chamber or Neon, the two agents since KAY/O, so this is clearly a codename for future agents. ValorLeaks said the codename was “officially added to the file,” and they then shared more information about the new agents, including their occupations and abilities.

Now, while ValorLeaks has a reputation for often getting it right, it’s still a leak. Therefore, I recommend that you take this information with a grain of salt for now!

Riot Games itself has said that the latest new agent is on the way game state. The next agent is said to give you a “more intimate feeling while hunting down enemies”, and Riot even dropped some further “hints” about the character.

The update focuses on changes to scouting and launch tools since the game was first developed, and ends with “Herkesin bir korkusu var”. This is Turkish and means “everyone has fear”. ValorLeaks has hinted that BountyHunter will be the initiator, but does that mean the 20th agent will also be a Turk?

Riot Games has been emphasizing bringing characters from different backgrounds into Valorant and League of Legends so that both Riot’s team and players feel seen and included in the video game…and no Turkish agents are involved yet. Lots of things to consider .

Also, let’s not forget some details from the Chapter 4 Chapter 2 Battle Pass that hint at what the next Agent will be – the first card arguably looks more like a bounty hunter, the second The card feels perfect for the rumored “ghost” ability described below.

Without further ado, here are the abilities that new Agent BountyHunter reportedly possesses.

  • Prowler – Send out a creature that can be tracked or controlled with the mouse. Once in contact with an enemy, they become shortsighted.
  • seize – Equip and launch a sphere that temporarily stays in the air and then slams into the ground. Nearby agents will be restrained, deafened, and injured.
  • haunt – Equip and launch an orb that will temporarily stay in the air before hitting the ground. It will then return to the air as an eye – if the eye sees an enemy, the trail debuff will be applied.
  • Nightfall (Ultimate Edition) – Sending out a wave of dark fog. If the fog hits enemies, they will be deafened, tailed and rotted.

As before, take these details with a pinch of salt. While I’m Raze’s main force and won’t see this change anytime soon, I’m excited to see how this new agent performs. What do you think?