New Kingdom Hearts mobile game, Missing-Link, announced, closed beta this year

Square Enix has revealed a new Kingdom Hearts mobile game called Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link, and it will be in closed beta sometime this year.

revealed a new 20th Anniversary Trailer Trailer Missing-Link, released today, looks more like a console version of the Kingdom Hearts experience than the standard mobile version of Kingdom Hearts (at least in terms of gameplay). It features 3D environments, many of the Heartless we’ve been familiar with for decades, and this time on the battlefield, as well as completely free combat, just like the mainline series. You can see it in action at around 1:55 minutes below:

As you can see in the trailer above, it looks like we might even be able to create and customize our own Keyblade Master, or at least, we’re not playing the series like the Keyblade Masters we know for the rest of the series. Some previously visited worlds are also shown, including Disney’s worlds, such as Tangled in Kingdom Hearts III, and the original Kingdom Hearts world.

If you’re excited to check out Missing-Link, you might have a chance sometime this year, as Square Enix says it will be in a closed beta for the mobile game on iOS and Android devices in select regions of the world in 2022. Square Enix Erenix didn’t say where, but given where the company is headquartered, Japan would presumably be one of them.

As far as what’s happening in Missing-Link, all we’ve got at the moment is the voiceover that appears in the trailer. Here is the full content:

“Light and darkness bring the beginning, and the heart nourishes it. Life is passed on again and again, until the land is filled with prosperous people. It is a place full of light and darkness, dreams and distortions, memories and The Forgotten City – Scala ad Caelum. The missing link. Here people come together and become part of a whole, and these societies sprawl and branch through the city like blood vessels. The night you woke up in this world, the stars A twisted light flickered in the dark sky.”

While a closed beta is underway this year, Square Enix has not revealed when Missing-Link will actually launch on iOS and Android devices.

Square Enix also revealed in today’s trailer that the “long-awaited ending” of Kingdom Hearts X’s years-long story in the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will come in August this year. Publish for free.

While waiting for that and the Missing-Link Beta, read what Kingdom Hearts IV revealed, which happened in the same 20th anniversary announcement trailer that Missing-Link was announced, and read game whistleblower Review of Kingdom Hearts III.

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