New mass effect trailer image hints at Ghaith’s return

This is a quiet N7 day, but at least the developer Bioware provided us with something that all Mass Effect fans cherish on that day: another view of the new things in the upcoming game.

It’s been almost a year since we first saw the trailer for the next chapter of the Mass Effect Universe, which was originally shown during the 2020 Game Awards. Almost nothing is known about the game, and Bioware has so far said little about the next work in the sublime sci-fi series.

At least yesterday, we got some clues from the developers: the detailed teaser image revealed on Twitter seems to be teasing Geth’s return.

This image, which appears to represent members of a robotic alien species, consists of an impact point, a docked ship, and four people who appear to have begun investigating the crash zone. There is also a lynx corpse near the impact area, near anything falling from the stars, and a suspiciously clean item. Has anyone been here before our four unnamed crew members?There is something remain? One respondent to the Mass Effect account on Twitter thought they timed Another corpse on the edge of the crater – What do you think?

As for this ship, we have never seen it before; its design is smoother and cleaner than Normandy or Tempest, and given its prominence in art, many people think it may be your new home. There are letters SFX on board, As Shinobi062 said on Twitter, Which was the code name of the original mass effect when it was developed in 2003. OK.

The numbers now. One of the figures looks like a Krogan-you can’t mistake that hump-and wears red armor, which makes the Internet crazy to suggest that it may be the Norman’s own Urdnot Wrex. Given that krogans can live up to 1000 years (cheers, European players), I believe that the time period he entered this new game is not excessive. Two of the characters look like humans-or at least humanoids-and the last one, maybe, may be a quarian? maybe? This makes sense, if geth is involved, the quarians have some history of machine races (simply put).

BioWare skipped EA Play Live earlier this year and announced that it would not show “Dragon Age” or “Mass Effect” at the exhibition adjacent to E3. The new Mass Effect game-no matter what it is ultimately called-will not be released until after Dragon Age 4… and it has been a while.

Study that image carefully, and then-this is the largest mass effect you will get.