New Metroid Fear overview trailer

A new trailer Metroid Fear The game has just been launched, and we hope to use her speed booster ability to send it to you faster than Sams!

In this new trailer, you will get a glimpse of this specially designed Nintendo Switch The system series on October 8.You can view the trailer by clicking here.

For those who have never played a Metroid game before, this trailer provides a good overview of the game-and the entire series-while also providing some exciting game graphics.

Deep in the belly of the beast planet ZDR, which is the center of Metroid Dread’s location, Samus will explore huge mazes in different areas, from caves to magma chambers, ancient forests and underwater depths.

Sams can use her powerful arm cannons, missiles, her jumping ability, new sliding movements and brutal melee counterattacks, which can deflect enemy attacks.Same as most games Metroid In the series, as Samus explores, she will gain additional abilities.

Some of these abilities include spider magnets, which allow Sams to cling to certain walls and ceilings; Transfiguration Ball, the main product of the Metroid series, which allows Sams to transform into a ball and enter a narrow channel; Flash Shift, a kind of Brand-new skills that can instantly move Sams forward and backward a short distance; and Storm missile, a new weapon that can lock multiple targets.

With every ability Sams discovers, her exploration options will expand. Eventually, the entire ZDR planet will open up and become her free explorer.

But this game is called Metroid Fear for a reason. One of the “fears” that track and try to capture Sams throughout the game is a dangerous robot called EMMI. The bodies of these research robots are covered with sturdy armor that cannot be penetrated by conventional attacks. This is when the abilities and upgrades that Sams has gained throughout the game will come in handy.

What secret truth is hidden in the planet ZDR? Beyond mission, beyond fear, what is the real horror of waiting?

Find out when Metroid Fear will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 8.

Source: Nintendo of America