New Overwatch 2 concept art shows off possible battle pass

We’re probably still years away from fully playing Overwatch 2, but Blizzard recently revealed that it’s “decoupling” the sequel’s PvP and PvE, meaning we’re likely to get at least one of the game’s core experiences. However, during the long wait, Blizzard shared a lot of information about Overwatch 2, such as how Fortress will be very different in the sequel, or how Doomfist will be the tank hero in it.

thanks some New concept art by Jason Kirbyformer Overwatch UI designer, we first hinted at a possible battle pass for Overwatch 2, according to reports fan attack.

As you can see in the photo above, there’s clearly an option on the screen that says “Battle Pass”. Clicking that option may take you to Overwatch 2’s main battle pass hub, where you may find challenges, levels, unlocks, and more. Of course, this is just speculation, as Blizzard has yet to reveal any official information about the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass. That’s not surprising, though, as more and more games are creating them to keep players struggling.

The “Store” also has an option that can be used with the Battle Pass. Like Fortnite’s item store, players can get skins and more by leveling up in the battle pass, but maybe they can buy something they specifically want in the store. Of course, this goes against Overwatch’s loot system, but maybe Blizzard is dropping that in favor of Battle Pass. Or maybe the studio has found a way to mix them. Now only time will tell.

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[Source: Attack Of The Fanboy]

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