New Sonic colors: The ultimate patch for epilepsy on Switch

Sonic Colors: Ultimate may be a good way to play 2010 Gem, but a recent post on Twitter revealed some darker potential problems, ranging from flash to… this Yes(This link contains shots of people who may trigger epilepsy). In any case, it was only a matter of time before Sega admitted the problem and started working hard to fix it. A new patch for these dangerous issues was recently released.Unfortunately, it is only available on Nintendo Switch, but it is available on other platforms —— PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC —— Will get their respective updates in the “near future”.

No patch notes were released with the announcement. The update not only handles epilepsy triggers, but also solves the visual glitches and other miscellaneous errors that have been plagued by a group of Sonic fans. According to reports, fast player characters will fall off the map and cause puzzling deaths, flashing multi-colored bars will be superimposed on the screen, disorienting the player and preventing them from surviving in some cases, causing intermittent crashes. Overall disappointment. Hope other Sonic Colors: Ultimate users can ease their frustration on consoles other than Switch.

Epilepsy triggers have been rampant in games for a long time, but recent news work – Especially those of Liana Ruppert – Bringing wider awareness to blatant neglect. Games like Balan’s Fantasy World have undergone large-scale updates to make the experience of a large number of players safer. If you are interested in learning more about triggers, tips when playing potential trigger games, and ideas for a future that is friendly to people with epilepsy, please read Ruppert’s informative epilepsy game guide.

If you own Sonic Colors: Ultimate on Switch, has the update alleviated any outstanding issues? Let us know below.