New Time Splitters of works from the reformed Free Radical Studio

By Dom Peppiatt
May 20, 2021 10:21 GMT

There is new TimeSplitters The game along the way, and it comes from the original founder of Free radical design Those who reformed under the publisher Deep silver..

The new team, based in Nottingham, England, is headed by “major former team members” Steve Ellis and David Douk. Revealed in a tweet from Deep Silver..

“It’s great to be able to finally confirm that the studio has been formed and that we have plans for the next Time Splitters game,” said Ellis, the company’s studio development director. “I can’t talk any more at this point, but I look forward to sharing information in the future.”

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In the short term, the team plans to build a studio in Nottingham and new game development has not yet begun. But it’s nice to see Deep Silver doing something meaningful with its Time Splitters license. Fans have been eager to see the new release of the series for over a decade at this point. The last Time Splitters game released in 2005).

In past projects, Deep Silver has seen some bullying about the game. TimeSplitters 2 can be played at Homefront: The Revolution.

Just six months ago, I heard that THQ Nordic denied that the Time Splitters 2 remake would come after the Spell Force 3 Easter egg. Fallen God has renewed hope for the series.

The fan project Timesplitters Rewind is still in the works, but the upcoming new titles in the series could put it at risk in the future.

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