New trailer for Gran Turismo 7 shows customization and photo mode

During today’s Showcase event, Marvel acquired Marvel, and Sony showed Polyphony Digital’s realistic racing game to let fans know what to expect from the latest issue. The GT series has always focused on realistic racing cars and showcased a large number of cars, even paying attention to the smallest details.

In the latest trailer, we learned about car customization features, GT 7’s photo mode, global track and weather effects.

Gran Turismo 7 initially appears to be a PS5 exclusive, and may be launched before the end of this year. However, in June, Sony revealed that due to the delay caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the game will not be released until 2022. Fortunately, Gran Turismo 7 will also be released on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

It has been more than eight years since the last numbered Gran Turismo was released, so this may be a big deal. In our review of GT 6, Matthew Kato said: “It is fitting that GT 6 appears at the end of PS3. This 15th anniversary is a satirical celebration of its legacy yoke, but it does not have to signal the end of the franchise itself. Thank God. , The light of Gran Turismo racing spirit still exists.” So I hope GT 7 can provide more.

What do you think of Gran Turismo 7? Do you like this kind of deep customization, or do you prefer the wild playfulness in racing games such as Forza Horizon?