New Unknown movie trailer reveals Sally’s iconic mustache

new Uncharted Sea The movie is only a few months old, and we just got a brand new trailer to tear down. After the first trailer released in October, most of the shots are not new. However, this new view of the upcoming adaptation does give us some fresh tidbits, including more backstory about Moncada, who is the movie opponent played by Antonio Banderas. It seems that his family did more than just find the incredible wealth in the center of the story. They found it but were later betrayed. We will have to look at this plan with Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and Victor “Sally” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to restore the gleaming treasure What’s the connection?

When we first saw Sally in the movie, one of the biggest highlights in the trailer appeared. In the game, Sally’s beard is one of his signature features, and fans of Uncharted Seas immediately noticed that this feature was missing in the early character reveals. Although it feels weird to see a mentor without it, this change makes sense considering that the film took place before the Naughty Dog series. However, it seems that Sally will not shave cleanly throughout the movie. You can check the secrets and other new details in the trailer above.

Sony Entertainment Pictures Uncharted Sea It will be shown in theaters on February 18. A poster recently found on Fandango shows some images worth pirating, and we can see more in today’s trailer. This leads some people to believe that the upcoming movie may be related to Uncharted 4: Theif’s End, which has a cemetery similar to a ship. However, it is difficult to say exactly what connection we will see between the game and the upcoming adaptation. Only two months have passed since we found out.