New updates among us include characters and storefronts-now live

Tuesday Between us The speech began with a loud noise.A group of cute little beans gathered in the auditorium, and several leaders were there Show off some of the latest features of the game, Included in the major update that is now live across all platforms. This update includes new roles for crew partners, achievements, storefronts with cosmetics, and Cosmicubes.

Between us There will now be a storefront filled with hats, skins, pets, face masks, nameplate panels and bundles containing a variety of cosmetics. Playing the game will provide players with XP, pods and beans. Beans is a free game currency that can unlock store items, or players can spend real money to buy stars to unlock them immediately.

There are also Cosmicubes, which look like well-designed branch cosmetic trees.Players will be able to use free and paid Cosmicubes, which will allow InnerSloth to continue to introduce new cosmetics-or “doudi”, just like the developer in Blog post. Cosmicubes can be purchased with beans or stars, but they can only be unlocked by “earning pods through games”. End game rewards are good at encouraging players to complete a round, even if things don’t go their way.

We also learned about the new characters in the game. Of course, there are alien shapers who can disguise themselves. InnerSloth shared the existence of Shapeshifters on October 27, but this new revelation shows what the incubation process looks like. It is very conspicuous, so deformers must be careful not to be spotted.

The crew also got some reserve, they have their own new roles. Scientists can check the vital signs of the crew at any time, which is valuable for tracking the actions of the map and stopping imposters as early as possible. Engineers can use vents, which is convenient for bypassing the map-although it may cause confusion in various emergency meetings, because people accuse each other of being imposters and defend themselves as engineers.

Finally, the guardian angel. After death, the player can zoom in on the map and complete their mission (as a crew) or continue to destroy the ship (as an imposter). The guardian angel is a dead crew member who can save their allies from being killed by an imposter. This is very powerful and we will have to see how it works.