New World Adderstone Sliver of Adderstone-How to find and farm Adderstone Sliver of Adderstone

Edstone’s New World Splinter is a rare material with important uses, but it takes some work to find it.

This may also be unintentional. Adderstone’s rarity currently seems to be suspiciously high, although there are still ways to increase the chance of finding it.

New World Aldstone Fragments-Uses of Aldstone Fragments

Adderstone’s Sliver currently has only one use as a production module. It gives the bag extra pocket privileges, thereby increasing the number of items you can carry without being overly burdened. You need to do some extra work to get the crafting materials, we have outlined how to make the bag elsewhere.

New World Edstone Shard-How to get Edstone Shard

The Adderstone fragments come from the boulders scattered around Aeternum, but it is more than just swinging your pickaxe. Although the rarity is not high, Aldstone Shardstone is one of the rare ores-so rare that it may even be tapped.

Some players believe that the drop rate of this rare ore is suspiciously low. Using advanced mining equipment and privileges for one hour of mining, you can produce three to four pieces of Adderstone.

As with any rare item in the new world, you can try to find Edstone Shards in the trading post. This item seems to be missing at the moment, probably because of its rarity and practicality, so you may need to pay quite a few coins to get it.

New World Sliver of Adderstone-Sliver of Adderstone Farm

Regardless of whether it is tapped or not, there are several ways to increase your Adderstone fragment acquisition rate. As with any mining expedition, you should eat a meal of the potato family to improve mining luck. Wear armor and accessories with mining luck privileges, use a high-level pickaxe, and if available, please equip mining armor.

Mining armor is a set of fragments that may fall from enemies of level 20 or higher. Some people reported that they received these fragments from missions, mainly miner hats, although we have not yet confirmed which mission rewarded that.

If you are still understanding how the new world works, please check out our leveling guide to speed up your mining and other skills and make the farming of rare items easier. It is dangerous in the wild, so you need the best buildings to protect you from enemy factions.