New world armor-how to make armor in the new world and increase the equipment score

New world armor It is one of the most important parts of loading, but MMO hardly explains how the system works.

You can get a lot of armor by completing tasks, but you need to focus on crafting to get higher equipment scores or rare quality items.

New world armor-how to get equipment in the new world

Aeternum may be a cursed desert island, but there is no shortage of armor. You will get some basic equipment during introductory and other missions. Rare items and stronger armor come from higher-level enemies and dungeons, although you can also find some good armor sets by completing certain quest chains.

New world armor-what is the equipment score of the new world

The new world armor score is just a numerical way to express how strong your armor is. The higher the score, the better the armor, and the more you improve your crafting and forging skills, the more likely it is to make armor with a higher score.

New world armor rarity

The rarity of armor refers to its privileged slots.

  • Normal-no perks
  • Uncommon-1 privilege
  • Rare-2 perks
  • Epic-3 perks

Legendary armor is a bit different. These parts have predetermined privileges and are only dropped from rare enemies, certain bosses, and expeditions.Although Legend is the highest rare level, it is possible to obtain this armor even early in the game

New World Armor-all new world armor types

Regardless of the rarity, there are three types of New World armor: light, normal, and heavy. Which type is best for you depends largely on your style, structure, and expected curriculum.

New World Light Armor

Light armor provides less damage protection in exchange for better mobility, so your dodge can keep you away from the enemy. It is very suitable for healers and long-range weapon users, such as musketeers or archers, who should not be on the front line anyway.

New World Medium Armor

Medium armor is a good choice for most DPS builds. Your dodge effect is poor, but the enemy damage you receive is also less. It won’t keep you alive in the center of the battle, but it is perfect for rushing in, pulling some skills, and then retreating to recover.

New World Heavy Armor

As you might expect, heavy armor is useless for fast rolling away, but it is perfect for keeping you alive. Tank construction benefits most from this armor, because it allows you to step into enemy crowds and dilute them with AoE attacks without worrying about your health.

New World Armor — New World Armor Making

Armor making uses equipment stations, forging, your armor skills, and higher-level refinement skills. Obviously, armor requires resources such as iron, so you will increase collection and other skills in the process.

Each settlement has a crafting station, but crafting higher-level armor requires an upgrade station. This means teamwork in a way. Upgrading your craft area requires company permission and can only be done in settlements controlled by your faction.

Once these requirements are met, you can make enhancements in the same way as other settlement improvements.

Even if you don’t need better equipment, making armor with higher equipment scores is a good way to earn extra income at the trading station.

New World Armor — The best new world armor set in the early and mid-game

These are some of the best suits you can find or make in the early days of Aeternum.

New world fisherman suit

  • How to Obtain: Complete the fishing mission.Higher-level fishing missions reward you with higher rarity levels
  • Including: hats, pants, gloves, blouses, boots
  • Benefits: Rewards for agility, strength and concentration

New World Lumberjack Set

  • How to obtain: Handicraft or trade, related to improving logging skills
  • Including: hats, boots, pants, blouses, gloves
  • Welfare: physique enhancement

New World Duelist Set

  • Obtaining method: make or obtain through mission
  • Including: hats, boots, blouses, gloves, pants
  • Privilege: Elemental Defense

New World Soldier Set

  • How to obtain: craft or trade (level 2 or higher)
  • Including: boots, arm armor, helmet, greaves, breastplate
  • Privilege: Strengthening and defense

New world armor-how to equip armor skins in the new world

If you have pre-ordered or dropped skins on Twitch, you can equip the skin by opening the inventory (press “tab” on the keyboard) to equip the armor, then right-click on it and select the skin you want.

If you are still acquiring land in the new world, please check our guide to find some rare items and animals of Aeternum, including Churro sheep, saltpeter and defective freshwater pearls. We have also collected some of the best new world constructions to get you started. Difficult expeditions and factional wars