New World Azoth-How to get Azoth and what it does

The new world Azoth is one of the most important materials on Aeternum, and you will need a lot of materials on this mysterious island.

Azoth is essentially the lifeblood of the new world. Thankfully, it is not too difficult to find it, although you still need to make some judgments when using it.

New World Azoth-What is Azoth

Azoth is a luminous blue substance that can be obtained in many ways. It is essential for fast travel in the new world, you need more Azoth to travel longer distances. When you use certain items in the forging or crafting process, it can also increase your chances of creating higher rarity items.

This means that the finished product is more likely to have additional privilege slots, your chances of honing your craft skills will be further increased, and it can also be sold at a good price at the trading station.

Finally, if you want to redefine your character in the new world—that is, reset your skills, in non-MMO languages—you need Azoth.

New World Azoth-How to get Azoth

The easiest way to get Azoth in the new world is to complete the main task. If you need more-and you may-Azoth will randomly drop from enemies of level 20 or higher. Some players have reported that enemies with brighter blue rays are more likely to drop Azoth, although we did not notice a significant difference between blue enemies and non-luminous enemies.

The third method is more difficult and requires some polishing, but it is worth a try. Some enemies will use the Azoth Extraction perk drop tool, which can give you a 30% chance of getting Azoth. For example, if the corresponding tool has that privilege, cutting down trees or carving animals can bring you some Azoth.

However, this is a rare drop. Aiming at higher-level enemies will increase their chances of dropping privileged tools, but there is no guarantee that the privilege will be Azoth Extraction.

New World Athos-How to get the Staff of Athos

The Azoth Staff is another matter. Although there is “Azoth” in the name, you don’t need to spend precious hoards to make it, although it can help you get more Azoth. Speak with Jonas the hermit in the Fisherman’s Bay area west of the windward. After completing his mission, you will eventually make a staff on the Broken Obelisk.

With the Azoth Staff, you can come into contact with corrupted portals and loopholes to get Amrine Tuning Orbs and have a chance to get more Azoth. These spheres can also allow you to start Amrine mining.

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