New World backtracks on regional transfers, making players feel uneasy

It seems that Amazon Game Studios are learning the hard way to run a successful MMO. New worldAs the game continues to struggle with long server queues, the developers seem to make things worse by conveying incorrect information.

Soon after the launch of New World, it became clear that the game will be very popular, and Amazon responded to its long queue time by promising to provide players with free transfers between servers, as more servers are being launched.

The server transfer function should be online now, but Amazon delayed it due to some “edge cases”. Unfortunately, this is the least problem that players have encountered so far.The main reason developers face strong opposition is because when the feature was first announced, Amazon confirmed Server transfer will also allow zone transfer.

Therefore, many players decide to temporarily choose a server in a region outside their own region, just because they have a shorter wait time and understand that once the feature arrives, they will be able to move back to their region.

With the news that the feature was delayed, Amazon released FAQ On the game’s official forum, it contradicted the previous suggestions and admitted that the initial information was inaccurate.

“So the previous’transfer to any server’ statement is not true?” One question read. “Unfortunately, the original information provided was incorrect.”

The post further explained that each region has its own independent database, which is “the reason why it is impossible to reassign roles to different regions”.

Needless to say, The New World community is angry, Especially those players who have played for dozens of hours in different regions. Due to this clarification, they either need to give up their roles or continue to play in other regions, and there may be higher pings. This also means that they will not be able to team up with their friends, they may all be on servers in their own region.

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