New World developers solve hot topics such as server transfer, full server, economy, etc.

Double Helix and Amazon Game Studios have published a new blog that delves into various topics, including character transfer and full server status New world.

It is worth noting that this feature has been re-enabled through character transfer, and most players should be able to move their characters.

The team stated that it is “committed to ensuring” that the community is satisfied with where they play for a long time, and will continue to monitor feedback after this wave of role transfers are completed.

Additional transfers will be provided as needed, and they are also studying the role transfer from area to area, but this is “difficult to solve and takes time.”You can find information on how to transfer roles here.

In terms of server status, in order to ensure that people who actively play roles on the server do not compete with new players in the queue, the team implemented full server status to prevent the creation of new characters.

The team stated that it will monitor active users in each world and ensure that the complete server status continues to be accurate. This may mean that new players cannot play with their old friends, and some worlds are not receiving the number of new players like other servers. This can have multiple effects, so the studio promises to monitor this situation and make real-time adjustments accordingly. It will also provide 24-hour notice before the server is marked as full.

The blog post also covers economics and deflation, economic use and coin farming, moderation, war lag, difficulty of invasion and participation, patch schedule and downtime, how luck works, fishing boxes, allowances and gems, property taxes, and should Read it here If you are a new world player. Be sure to get a cup beforehand because it is very long.