New World feels like an MMO designed for mounts, even if it doesn’t have any mounts

My feet are very tired. It’s not my physical feet. There is very little need to do more than walking from my home office to my kitchen, but my digital feet. In the course of hundreds of hours, I walked through Aeternum in the new world many times, jogged through an endless forest, and escaped from the wolves because I couldn’t let myself kill another wolf. Amazon can do many things to improve its new MMO, but the most important thing is the urgent need to add mounts.

When Amazon announced that the new world will not have any type of mounts-You won’t even see any horses, let alone ride them-This is a source of disappointment, but there are a few defenders. The mount does have a negative impact. Blizzard only allows you to unlock the flight in the World of Warcraft expansion after reaching the endgame, because flying everywhere makes exploration trivial, and designing an area around the flying mount means you get a huge blank area between points of interest, just like burning The same in the expedition.

(Image source: Amazon)

However, ordinary mounts fixed on the ground will only make you faster, and Aeternum is already crowded with large open spaces. It still feels like MMOs designed for mounts, even if they don’t exist. Once the tasks are exhausted and you begin to need to complete town orders (called town projects), you usually get all the sweet XP by crafting and collecting a lot of garbage, and this is especially true. For most of the 20 levels, I almost just ran between towns, and my inventory was full of the goods they requested. I am like a traveling merchant. Which traveling merchant does not have at least one donkey?