New World is implementing new measures to combat AFK players

New world Ironically, popularity is still a thorn in the eye of Amazon’s game studios. Although there are many benefits to having a large number of concurrent players on Steam at any time, there are countless logical problems that follow.

First of all, the new world’s full server will not accept new character creation, and the full server will be grayed out to prevent players from accidentally choosing it as the home of the new character.

Now, Amazon has gone a step further and introduced some measures. If the player is detected by the game’s AFK tool, these measures will quickly kick the player out of the game and return to the main menu.

In a forum post, the community manager Hardcore Henry pointed out that the team “sees that many people are frustrated with individuals who may be artificially active enough on the server to avoid the automatic AFK mitigation built into the new world” and are increasing the severity of the punishment if If you continue AFK in the new world, you will be affected.

Amazon Game Studios “Of course agree[s] This is unacceptable behavior, especially when there are groups of people patiently waiting to enter a world”, so new detection measures have been added.

“This work will take place over a period of time, so the results may not be immediate,” the post continued, “but this is something we are committed to getting online as soon as we feel comfortable.”

But the players are not happy: a post was created on the game’s official forum saying Amazon is treating AFK players like scammers And accused the developers of “bullying the players.”

Rough look In Twitter reply Amazon’s tweets about AFK measures also showed a large number of dissatisfied players-many complained that the size of the server is too small, they should not be punished because they have to work, eat or continue to live in the game and cannot log in again.

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