New World is the first MMO I don’t hate

Are you upset because you don’t like popular video games? For me, this is MMO. There are many types that I usually don’t play, but at least I can see their appeal, but until recently I didn’t understand why someone would want to play MMO.

I promise, I have tried to be friends with MMO. I started and stopped WoW three times, rebounded from Final Fantasy 14 (despite the cute Chocobo) a week later, wasted an afternoon in The Elder Scrolls Online, and even played DC Universe Online on my PS3 ten years ago. All levels of training, sleepy number keys and waiting for cooldown, overwhelming user interface-my hardcore MMO friends seem to like everything I hate.

But I don’t hate Amazon’s first successful video game, New World.I have 34 hours of depth and a 22-level character to show it. If I understand the MMO culture correctly, it means I haven’t Actually Played at all. I spent a lot of time trying different weapons, running marathon sprints in a dense world, fishing in random ponds looking for elusive snails, yes, I also waited in a queue of several servers.

(Image source: Amazon)

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