New World Legendary Weapon Mission-How to Obtain Legendary Weapons

The New World Legend Weapon Mission is a series of endgame challenges, and some of the best rewards can be obtained in Aeternum.

You can find legendary weapons in other ways, but only through luck and training. Unlocking and completing these tasks is the only reliable way to obtain them, and you will need them to deal with New World’s late game challenges and tougher PvP battles.

New World Legendary Weapon Mission-What is the New World Legendary Weapon

Legendary weapons get their name by filling all five perk slots, and usually have the best perks available for that weapon. Legendary weapon missions are the best way to obtain these because they have guaranteed rewards, but you can also obtain several other legendary weapon variants at multiple points.

Some weapon forging recipes will be unlocked immediately after you start the game, but you need a completely updated crafting station to craft them. This requires investment from the governor of the settlement, so it is a good idea to establish good relationships with controlling factions and companies.

Some endgame dungeons and arenas including The Garden of Genesis and Spriggan can reward you with legendary weapons. However, the drop rate is as low as you expected. If you try these methods, plan to do a lot of grinding, but you may not see any results.

New World Legendary Weapon Mission-How to start a Legendary Weapon Mission

When you reach level 60 and become proficient at level 20 with related weapon types, legendary weapon missions will be unlocked. Go to Mountainhome and talk to Eintou Madaki. You may also want to register a house or hotel as your fast travel location because you will come back here often.

Madaki asks you to find the weapon molds needed to make legendary variants in Madaki’s strategic missions. After that, your next job is to find materials for them to use.

These are special items unique to each weapon, so you cannot harvest them in advance. Each weapon has seven missions, and groups of elite enemies guard every item you need.

After finding your legendary weapon, the new world still has a lot to do. Those crafting and forging levels will not improve yourself after all, you will eventually need rare items, such as Adderstone fragments and void metal, to make the best armor and accessories for your ideal body.