New World now provides server transfer for free because it is so popular

As an MMO, New world Relying on the ancient model of letting players choose a server and lock their character to that server. This greatly helps MMO developers manage capacity, and it helps build a community when you know that you will meet roughly the same people every time.

All this is fine, but the problem is that the new world is very popular within 24 hours after its launch. Yesterday, it reached a peak of over 500,000 concurrent players on Steam. Today, this number has risen to more than 700,000.

As you can imagine, this makes the queue time for some people very long. Seeing more and more players want to join the same server as their friends, this further exacerbates the problem because some servers are inevitably more popular than others.

New World Developer in one Blog post, Detailing how it plans to improve this situation. First, the team is currently launching more servers and intends to expand the number of players per server after ensuring that this will not disrupt things.

But the most important change is that Amazon Game Studio allows players to jump between servers for free. This can only be achieved in the next two weeks, which means you will be able to transfer your character between servers-you just have to decide which one you and your friends will stick to.

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