New World players are banning opponents from winning PvP wars

It seems that the story of any large MMO is that developers always try to keep up with the antics of players, because many people are happy to use broken systems to deceive and frustrate others. New worldThe latest problems are lack of foresight, poor communication and outdated automation.

New World’s large-scale PvP warfare is a mode in which companies (clans) fight each other for territory. Naturally, most people are willing to use every advantage they gain to disrupt other teams, even if it means misusing useful systems.

In this case, many players reported that they were banned before a big battle. Under certain circumstances, Half of the company was blocked in one fell swoop, Making it easier for another team to win when facing fewer opponents.

Players believe that the culprit is large-scale reports. Once players receive a certain number of reports against them, they seem to be automatically banned. The system may be implemented to eliminate the most serious criminals: robots, scammers, etc., but it is used entirely for other purposes.

In the current standard flip-flop communication method of Amazon Game Studio, the developer initially confirmed on the game’s official forum In fact, the new world does use an automated system When players receive too many reports against them, they will be banned.

This is what the forum moderator said.However, soon after, a New World community manager Denies the use of robots in games and prohibits players, And a different Customer Service Representative It was added that all reports were manually reviewed before the ban was issued.

For players who think they are heavily reported, these conflicting answers have not made them better. Just before a big war.

Perhaps it is better to postpone preparing for PvP in the new world while solving this problem. Until then, our PvE build recommendations will help you get started. For more specific guidelines, such as how to beat Taskmaster Holm, farming thick skins, and navigating the game, check out these links.