New World players are doing hard-core fishing for big battles

New world A lush island is provided for players to explore. Almost everything you can encounter can be chopped down, picked up or peeled to make materials for a certain craft. One of the humblest (and peaceful) occupations is fishing.but New worldThe most dedicated players are not fishing for fun-they are trying to gain pathological gains for their large PvP battles.

In the post on the game Reddit On the page, a user named BlakeGarrison62 explained that some legendary fish can be made into a kind of food, which increases a certain attribute by 40. The buff lasts for 30 minutes, which is enough to turn the tide in a major battle. Certain professions, such as fire mage, their damage will be greatly increased. In short, knowledge is power, and players who know that fishing can bring you delicious benefits will see a huge advantage on the battlefield.

a big part New world Explore the world and naturally improve your crafting skills. Every time I leave the camp, I stop to cut trees and pick rocks. However, although some of these advantages are very obvious, such as turning the material into an advanced weapon that can help me kill more monsters, other advantages are a bit difficult to unlock.

Player-made resources, such as New world Fishing guide It can help bridge the gap between those who know the secrets of fishing spots and those who are ignorant of cooking and eating basic rations. It has a lot of scientific knowledge, just going to the water to fish is not the best way to really learn how to fish. instead, New world Players are exchanging their bait and camping for a few hours at a two-star hotspot (not one-star, not three-star-two is the most effective).

It just shows that New world, Teamwork really makes dreams come true. If you are interested in taking control of a settlement and fighting your enemies, it may be worth sending a few people to go fishing. As players continue to unravel the secrets of this game, it will be interesting to see the level of competition among dozens of players in large-scale PvP battles.