New World: release date, public beta, battles and everything we know

Amazon’s anticipated new world of MMO is about to be released, which means that soon you can start to enter Aeternum to make statements and begin to declare content that others have already submitted. The new world is about building factions, fortresses and settlements-carving your own little paradise from an island that just wants to throw you back into the sea.

But New World also provides some fairly large multiplayer content, allowing you to invade player-controlled fortresses to steal territory, or protect your hard-fought property from waves of invading monsters. At its center is the complex combination of companies, factions, and territories in the New World, because players want to seize territory from the island, but they also seize territory from each other.

The most important thing is that you have common MMO upgrades, loot and dungeon-like adventures, allowing you to gain insight into the mysteries of Aeternum. This guide summarizes all the information about the new world, including gameplay and its multiple modes. One thing is certain: when the new world is released, there will be many things to do.

(Image source: Amazon Game Studio)

When is the release date of Shinsekai?

this The new world will be released on September 28, 2021. Can be preloaded now.

It is not easy for New World to determine the release date. The third most recent postponement was initially expected in August 2020, then in the spring of 2021, and then in August 2021.

Does New World need to subscribe?

No, you do not need to subscribe to play in the new world. You only need a one-time purchase-the standard version is $40-although there may be expansions or other things that cost money in the future.

Have a New World In-Game Store, But mainly used to buy cosmetics such as skin, home decoration, pets, etc.

Will there be a new world open beta?

New World held a public test from Thursday, September 9 to Sunday, September 12.

New World had a closed beta before, which was launched on July 20 and ended on August 2. It can be used by people who pre-ordered the game and filled out the test registration form. However, the beta version will not inherit any player progress.

Check out the new world trailer