New World Server Status Day 2: Thousands of people are still waiting in line, afraid of errors

On the second day after the launch, the queue of New World servers continued to reach thousands, and some players waited for hours to play Amazon’s new MMO. However, others jumped into the server immediately after creating the role. This is a somewhat strange situation: there are a lot of new world servers that are not queued-Amazon has added a bunch since its launch-but many players still need to queue to join the server they started, or the server where their guild members or friends are located .

Some servers are very popular because the anchor and YouTube anchor indicate that they are using these servers. shroud For example, Celadon, a server in the western United States, has been selected. Although there are many non-queuing options for new characters, there are still 823 people in the Celadon queue at noon local time. Other servers have been claimed by large MMO guilds and the Discord community, and their teams and fans are pushing the world far beyond its 2,000 player population limit.