New World Thick Leather-Where to find Thick Leather and how to adjust tracking and peeling

New World Thick Leather is a common item, which is good because you need a lot.

Thick leather becomes leather, which is an important raw material for making various armors and other important items (including bags). However, it will take a while for you to harvest it.

New World Thick Skin-How to get Thick Skin in the New World

Thick skin drops from animals, but don’t run rampant in the wild for the time being. Only certain animals will produce thick skin, you need level 40 or higher tracking and skinning skills to get it. Fortunately, thick leather is a common item. Once you increase your level, it should be fairly easy to get it from hunting.

Like most other items in the new world, if other players sell it, you can also buy thick leather from the trading station.

How to upgrade tracking and skinning in a new world

Any wild animal you kill can improve your tracking and skinning level, but predators, including wolves, earn you the most experience. You should look for food and other resources regularly, so reaching level 40 may not take long.

New World Thick Leather-Thick Leather Drop

These animals have a chance to drop thick skins:

  • boar
  • Bison
  • Lynx
  • Lynx
  • Primitive lion
  • Weird boar
  • Strange bison
  • Crocodile
  • Mountain lion
  • Weird elk
  • Big bad wolf
  • Strange crocodile
  • Elk Bull
  • Elk Bull
  • Grizzly
  • Black bear
  • Damn hound
  • Big bad wolf

However, we were also fortunate to search the Restless Shore and the beach area west of the settlement. The Shoreline Bobcats and Sandhoof Elks seem to drop thick skins more easily than most.

It takes about 10 or 15 minutes for the animal to respawn-but don’t hang around while waiting-but you should be able to get quite a bit of thick skin in one or two runs.

If you have trouble hunting in the new world, try using ranged weapons. The bow may not be our weapon of choice, but it is a reliable choice against wild animals. We also provide guidelines for tracking other rare finds, including Petalcap and the elusive Churro Sheep.