New World Trade Post-How to sell items in the New World

How to trade in the new world is one of the most important features in Amazon MMO, and one of the most confusing features at first.

The New World Trade Post system is a complex system that will take some time to adapt, but it will reward those who pay attention. If you are aligned with what the community around each post wants, you can earn a lot of gold.

How to trade in the new world-where to sell items in the new world

There are no traditional merchants in the new world, so selling unwanted goods at the trading station is the only way for you to make money beyond completing tasks.

New World Salvage

Here is a caveat to add. You can choose the “salvage” option for items and garbage you no longer need, and you will get a very small amount of gold, as well as some resources and repair kits.

Each town has a trading station where you can buy items for sale and post your own items. The local economy determines what is provided and the profits and losses that both parties can expect. All goods sold need to pay a small mailing fee and tax, so, for example, if you sell oil worth 100 gold, you can only get 90 gold after tax.

New World sell orders and buy orders

Another unique feature of the New World trading station is the purchase order. These allow you to buy or sell a certain amount of goods at a price you specify over a period of time before placing an order. You will pay the total amount in advance and refund it if the order cannot be completed. Buy and sell orders are linked to a specific trading station, which means you can create multiple orders for the same item at the same time.

How to trade in the new world-how to make money in the new world

Once you have improved some skill levels and can harvest rare materials, it will be much easier to make money at the trading post of the New World. Materials such as ancient woods, potion crafting materials, and basically anything that needs to be found or crafted with great effort are almost always sold in a fair amount of gold.

The same is true for equipment. Your equipment may get bigger quickly, but new drifters are always looking for upgrades, especially after they encounter some more difficult dungeons in the new world. A good practice is to sell the old weapon and armor as soon as you find something better, and if it is not sold at one trading station, sell it at another trading station.

The best-selling items in the new world

The three items often sold well during testing, although they were more difficult to obtain. Fish and fillets are in great demand, so it is worthwhile to increase the level of fishing to obtain higher quality results. Runes that can be obtained through faction missions and packages that can be crafted or obtained during missions are often in high demand.

However, before posting any content, be sure to check the general asking price. This is a great way to find bargains for yourself, but if the demand for certain resources surges, you may be lucky and earn more gold.

How does New World collect money from the trading station

The short answer is: you don’t. Funds for sales and sales orders go directly to your wallet. New World will send out a small notification that is easy to miss when the product is sold. You don’t need to perform any other operations to collect the payment.

If you are just starting to enter a new world, you need to consider which faction is right for you and what is the best character building.

We also provide some useful overviews on where to find rare items such as Fae Iron, Saltpeter, and Petal Cap. Some of the tasks you will face are not the easiest to track, including the vigilant Alastor.