New World Trial-Trial of the Gladiator and Trial of the Scribe

The Holy Book’s New World Trial and the Gladiator’s New World Trial are two important faction missions, but they will take a while to unlock.

If you want to make progress in your chosen faction, you must work hard to improve your reputation and take on some additional tasks. The tasks themselves are fairly simple, although the requirements to unlock them are rather vague.

New World Trial-Trial of the Gladiator

The Trial of the Gladiator is the first progress task for the predator, but you need to do some work to complete it. The Trial of the Gladiator is unlocked after you reach level 25 and requires at least 3,000 faction reputation.

If you are working hard to advance your faction, please accept some faction missions or initiate a small war to gain more faction experience.

New World Pirate Hamidou

After meeting the requirements, go to the Scimitar Key and fight the pirate captain Hamidou. He is particularly weak to nature-if you want to take advantage of this weakness, gems can help your attacks increase nature-and ice. But don’t use Thrust attacks, because Hamidou has high resistance to these attacks.

After the battle, talk to Silas the Marauder in the Settlement of Scimitar Key to complete the task. With your shiny new Gladiator level, you will get:

  • 1,540 experience
  • 1,500 Predator Tokens
  • 20 Azot
  • 96.25 coins

New World Trial-Trial of the Scribe

Trial of the Scrivener is a similar mission, but for the Syndicate faction. As with the Gladiator mission, you need 3,000 faction reputation, so if you need to, go knock on other factions and reach level 25 as you proceed. This task will not appear at all until you reach level 25.

The trial of Scrivener is a bit complicated. Talk to Laurentius Krockes at Syndicate Brightwood, and he will let you defeat Gheist Malikor. Head south to Walsham’s realm, then place absorbent items to summon ghosts.

New World Ghost Malik

Malikor is very weak to nature, slightly weak to ice, but very strong to lightning. This is not a difficult battle, but in any case, make sure to bring some restorative items.

Talk to Laurentius again, you will get:

  • 1,540 experience
  • 96.25g
  • 1,500 tokens
  • 20 Azot

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