New World Void Metal-Where can I find Void Metal and what it does

New World Void Metal is a rare material needed to make powerful weapons.

In theory, contact with Void Metal is easy, but it is not as simple as it seems. You need to do some preparations and improve your mining level to get the best chance of obtaining Void Metal.

New World Void Metal-Void Metal Location

Void metal is similar to fairy iron, and the chance of appearing when you mine iron veins is very low. There is no shortage of iron veins in the new world, but Void Metal is extremely rare. It is also a third-level metal, so you need to slightly improve your mining skills before you have a chance to obtain Void Metal.

Even so, you will still want to equip mining lucky charms and dine in the potato family to increase your chances of finding Void Metal. This is very rare and you need all the help.

Like any item, if it is rare, it has a market. Be sure to check every settlement trading station to see if anyone has a good sell order for Void Metal. They may be expensive, but if you have plenty of cash and lack of void metal, this may be a good exchange.

New World Void Metal Farm

The iron ore vein respawns after about 20 minutes. If you have established an iron ore breeding route, once your level is high enough, you can keep the same procedure.

New World Void Metal-Void Metal Drop

Some players reported that Void Metal was dropped from Tundra Elementals from Reekwater, Edengrove and Shattered Mountain, as well as Mountain Elementals from Weaver’s Fen and Edonscale Reach. The key is that your relevant gathering skills need to reach level 100, so this is not the most practical way to grow Void Metal.

You also rarely have a chance to find Void Metal in crates and drop randomly around Aeternum.

New World Void Metal-Use of Void Metal

Void metal is an important part of several advanced weapon production, engineering and mystery formulas. However, none of them are below level 75 in their respective skill categories, so make sure to work hard to level up when you gather.

Making many types of armor for some new worlds is a way to use up all the extra iron ore you might get in the process. When you are in the wilderness of Aeterunum, look out for Petal Cap and Saltpeter, because you also need a lot of these.