New World XP Farm-the fastest way to upgrade in the new world

New World XP Agriculture is the work you spend most of your time on Aeturnum.

You will have two main leveling areas to focus on: combat and production. The production is divided into a variety of other skills, but the battle focuses on your character attributes. As you continue to use your weapons, weapon upgrades will happen naturally, so there is nothing to do.

New World XP Agriculture-How to upgrade quickly in the New World

Like most MMOs, the best content of New World will be unlocked as you level up. Fortunately, there are many ways to quickly level up your character.

Some of them are obvious. Choose as many side missions as possible from the town board and knock them down when going back and forth to the main mission. Faction missions will also reward you a lot of experience, especially for you to win a new level of trials, developing your faction settlements will give you some good experience.

Check your faction board every day, because some missions have daily rewards that can further increase your XP.

Another source where you can get a lot of XP quickly is production. Every time you make something, whether it’s armor, weapon or item, you will gain some experience, and you will do a lot of things during your journey.

Finally, one thing New World does not tell you is that if you exit the settlement, you will also gain some experience. It’s not much, but every bit helps.

New World XP Farming-Attribute Points

Acquiring a new level can earn you several attribute points. So far, the upper limit of attribute points is about 70, although the new world makes re-adjustment easy-for a while. Before you reach level 20, it is free to re-adjust your attributes and weapon skills, but you will need to pay for each subsequent re-adjustment.

However, unless you switch builds frequently, you don’t need to re-specify multiple times. New World’s five statistics are closely related to specific functions, and obviously, it’s best to prioritize the ones you actually need. For example, if you use an axe and a spear, you don’t need intelligence.

  • Agility: Increase the damage of ranged attacks
  • Strength: Increase melee attack damage
  • Physique: increase health
  • Intelligence increases magic attack damage
  • Focus: increase mana and reduce cooldown

New World XP Agriculture-Upgrade to unlock

Reaching certain milestones can bring you some substantial rewards.

  • Level 5: Second weapon slot and survivalist mission
  • Level 10: Duel and a bag
  • Level 15: The first house, the third consumable slot and survival missions
  • Level 20: Ring slot and Azoth Staff story mission
  • Level 25: The fourth consumable slot and survival mission
  • Level 30: The second backpack slot and the main story mission (Azoth Staff Level 2)
  • Level 35: The Second House
  • Level 40: Earring slot, survival mission and main mission (Azoth Staff mission line)
  • Level 45: The third package
  • Level 50: Invasion
  • Level 55: The Third House and Survival Missions
  • Level 60: Outpost Charge

New World XP Farm-New World Handicraft Leveling

Your crafting skills fall into the broader category of “trade skills”, including your collecting, refining, and forging skills. Upgrading these is much simpler, because there is only one way to upgrade each crafting skill: use it often. Fortunately, the new world systems can complement each other. For example, collecting materials for a meal means you will get XP for harvesting, hunting, and cooking.

New World Craft Leveling

The key to improving production skills is intelligent resource management. Unless you can buy rare materials or have a lot of materials, focus on making low-level items. XP rewards are lower, but it is easier to find materials for low-level crafting.

  • Armoring-crafting armor in forging
  • Arcana-Make potions in the warehouse
  • Cooking-cooking food in a camp or kitchen
  • Engineering-a bit tricky. Check the project before making to make sure it grants engineering XP
  • Weapon forging-making weapons
  • Jewelcrafting-making jewelry and amulets at the assembly station

New World Refining and Leveling

If you don’t need the materials you produce when you refine your level of refinement, please post one or two sell orders at the trading station to profit from it.

  • Smelting-crafting ingots or making charcoal
  • Stonecutting-making stones
  • Weaving-making fabric on a loom
  • Woodworking-making wood planks
  • Leatherworking-Use raw hides to make leather, such as thick leather

New World Party Leveling

These are the most difficult to raise because the process is very time consuming. Despite this, you will still get a lot of items that can be used for refining.

  • Logging-felling trees
  • Mining-collect ore from mining nodes
  • Harvest-collect herbs and other plant materials in the wild
  • Tracking and skinning-killing and carving animals
  • Fishing-catch fish

As you wander in the wilderness of the huge islands of the New World, make sure you are prepared for the dangers you may face. Our guide to the best builds and best weapons is a good starting point. You will need them to complete some more difficult tasks and faction tasks.