New World’s business hours are incredible

The launch of Amazon’s New World of Games has a lot of questions about longevity and the most important aspect of any MMORPG, which is the endgame experience, but what I can say after the marathon today is that the early games were very compelling. If you are looking for a social MMORPG full of PvP and Runescape farming and tempering charm, then the first twenty hours or so of New World is full of experiences you will absolutely love.

Starting in a hostile land is just some shoddy tools, it is definitely a pleasure to divide rabbits, boars and wolves to create your early game junk equipment. If you are like me, you will join a faction as early as possible and occupy the territory you must defend, so the game can alternate between the simple fun of growing carrots, silver, cabbage, and growing carrots. Various alchemy plants and hardcore PVP battles. In terms of depth and fun, combat may be one of the weakest links in the game, but shockingly, it doesn’t seem to matter here, because the real fun comes from bringing the goods back to your outpost and producing Special products. I made a bag last night. It allows me to have more trophies. This may not seem like much, but it feels great to make great things for myself and my guild members. There is a bit of survival game, and a bit of delicious seasoning.

Roaming on land and killing tons of boring skeletons and undead pirates may be mission crumbs you get, but the real journey is what happens along the way. Maybe you are lucky and found a silver mine, but you don’t have mining skills to harvest them. Artisans and collectors will definitely find a lot of real crunchy fun in the new world, because access to new tools and upgrades can unlock all kinds of new opportunities to create increasingly complex and valuable products. It’s great to find new weapons, but there are also things to just hang out in town, milk the milk and prepare some great rations for the team. Yes, you can milk. Yes, you can grab a handful of honey from the beehive in town. If your company (guild) controls the territory, you can also get a lot of ingredients from the food truck.

It is easy to restore and evaluate the new world and its undisputed “daily task” style fare, allowing you to kill X monsters and loot Y treasure chests over and over again. Nevertheless, for the craftsman type, the world itself still has real discoveries. Finding rare herbs, minerals, or even just harvesting a pack of wild turkey feels good. It feels great to travel the world (despite no mounts and limited fast travel) and stumble into something good.

When we enter 30, 40, 50 hours or even longer, can this sense of unbridled discovery and curious creation continue? Only time will prove everything, but there is no doubt that New World is offering some very compelling things, and it feels the golden age of MMORPG from the very beginning. I am approaching the overall experience with more cautious optimism, because I know that discoveries may be reduced, and maintaining what the game originally provides will be an incredibly difficult task. But I will say this-finding things and creating things is very interesting.