New World’s Winter Fusion Event is now available

Amazon games Announce Start New world The winter fusion activities coincide with the holiday season, which will last until mid-January.

Winter in the New World has arrived, marked by snowfall and northern lights, but it has also brought new dangers and challenges. “Although gifts are exchanged in the settlement to commemorate the year’s past, outside the safe city walls, there is an ongoing battle between the positive winter power (sleep, perseverance) supported by the positive side of the winter tramp and the negative winter power. The cold war (death, stagnation) is embraced by the negative side of the winter wanderer. Worse still, the winter warrior and his cold people are causing chaos across the land-trying to spread the terrible “eternal winter”, Amazon’s description show.

The Winter Convergence event brought new items, a new gift-giving emoji, winter tokens obtained from special events that can be used to trade special Winter Convergence items, and a new village dedicated to the distribution of new tasks.

The new world is still in the painful early stages of growth. Amazon is very popular and recently allowed players to transfer between servers. At the same time, some players are banning players from winning PvP wars. Amazon also had to deal with reports that the game was destroying high-end graphics cards. Nevertheless, if Amazon intends to keep the game alive for a long time, it will have time to eliminate wrinkles.

The new world is now available for PC. The winter integration event is underway and will end on January 11, 2022.