Next Battlefield 2042 updates address scoreboard, overall performance and more

The Battlefield series is no stranger to bugs and post-launch fixes. However, 2042’s release was marred by a slew of game-destroying issues that left many fans questioning the staying power of their favorite FPS franchise. Over the past few months, DICE has responded to extensive scrutiny, promising a batch of updates to address various issues, while implementing fan-favorite features that don’t currently exist. The details surrounding these promises were unpacked in a broad Twitter thread posted by the official Battlefield direct communications account. An upcoming batch of Battlefield 2042 updates will refresh the in-game scoreboard, address cross-platform VOIP issues, and enhance/stabilize overall performance.

The Twitter post (see above) states that the first update, 3.1, is scheduled to go live tomorrow, and “brings some small fixes and improvements to the game, with a focus on stability.” Going forward, a series of larger-scale releases will follow in February changes, including a “scoreboard refresh”. A WIP screenshot can be seen below and provides a glimpse into upcoming quality of life features such as ribbon progression, match stats, and more.

Additionally, the Total War game mode and cross-platform VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) pairing preferences are being addressed. “No updates on these two today,” one thread commented. “But we want to reassure everyone that these remain top of mind, and we’ll be showing and sharing more on these topics in the future.” According to Battlefield, there’s still a lot of work to do, but know the team is working on it Work, players can sit back and relax.

In his comments, game informer Video producer Alex Van Aken gave Battlefield 2042 a 7 and concluded: “Battlefield 2042 is an easy recommendation for existing fans or players who want a modern warfare game, but with the lack of polish right now, It’s hard for me to fully endorse it. As long as DICE continues to release patches and patches as before, Battlefield 2042 may end up being the online shooter of choice, but it’s a shame to release it this way.” Hopefully this set is coming soon An incoming fix could help revive the latest chapter in the beloved franchise.

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