Next week’s Battlefield 6 sets unveiled prior to E3 2021

There have been a lot of rumors about what the Battlefield 6 experience has to offer, but are you in the middle of the E3 2021? It’s time to find out for yourself. The first review of Battlefield 6 is scheduled for next week, confirming and denying that it’s been talked about in the latest rumors.

Battlefield’s official Twitter account shared a small animated teaser for release scheduled for next Wednesday.

Beyond leaks and rumors, our official first look begins on June 9th. In the little teaser video above, you can see the Battlefield 6 name present with high-tech aesthetics. Teaser’s visual appeal is in line with many rumors out there, including a leak of previous footage that seems to have confirmed a return to the modern storyline.

There’s no official news to share other than a leak earlier than planned, but at least there’s a time to learn more. Battlefield 6 will be available on June 9th at 7am Pacific Time / 10am Eastern Standard Time.

A hot moment awaits us since the arrival of the new Battlefield. The final entry was Battlefield 5, a game that was considered a pretty big mistake for fans. However, although modern Battlefield last appeared in 2006, it appeared as a true sci-fi entry in Battlefield 2142.

The showcase may contain a release date that was previously confirmed to be scheduled for the third quarter. Electronic Arts will have its own showcase on EA Play in July, a month after E3.

Now that the team has taken some time to reassess where they want to move on to the shooter series, what do you expect from Battlefield 6? Sound and talk in the comments section below. Join us!