NHL 22 new feature: superstar X factor, becoming a professional storyline

Hockey League twenty oneThe Be a Pro mode may be more accurately called “Be a Rookie”. It is true that EA Vancouver has completely changed the fantasy of a single career, but this enjoyment is short-lived.Our review NHL 21 It was found that much of its appeal was limited to the player’s rookie year, which disappointed fans of one of the most popular modes of the series.

Become a professional NHL 22 It will contain a new storyline and career goals, as if specifically to answer those criticisms. “We see a huge opportunity to really fill this gap with new content, as well as challenges that require longer time and form,” Clement Kwong, NHL 22The main producer, told Polygon last week.

“So, it’s like winning multiple division awards,” Kwong explained. “If you put a player like Pat Malone in the past few seasons, he may have realized his dream of being a player, winning multiple teams in multiple teams. Cup.” Maroon won the Stanley Cup in St. Louis in 2019, signed with Tampa Bay as a free agent in 2020, and won the championship ring with the Chargers in the past two seasons. “This is an example of what we can do in the pattern now.”

Combining the factors of joining Superstar X for the first time-creating players and the enhancements and characteristics that can be obtained by the top 150 stars in the league-Kwong’s reason is to become a professional player NHL 22 It will provide a stronger, more RPG-like appeal to build characters and persevere in multiple seasons.

Image: EA Vancouver/Electronic Arts

Superstar X-Factors is integrating into various modes NHL 22, In Be a Pro and Hockey Ultimate Team, the franchise mode controlled by the team, and the online multiplayer game suite World of Chel that debuted in 2018. Madden NFL introduced this concept two years ago as a way to make stars appear and play more like stars.Kwong said NHL 22 The developers are seeking the same differentiation as their virtual players, but promise they will not strictly copy what their colleagues at EA Tiburon did in American football.

“We have to make hockey meaningful, right?” Kwong said. “Hockey is a mobile game. Things can change for a dime. This is a very high-speed game. So, we don’t see how you fight back. [special] The same ability [as Madden]. We want to introduce a new layer of strategy unique to hockey, in terms of how you counter combo abilities.We want to ensure a team-based game, especially if it is compatible with [team] Chemistry, and becoming a professional player, you have a variety of options to counter your defensive and offensive abilities. “

This means that for players who want extra depth in game planning, they can focus on tactics such as sticks or jabs or sneak shots to offset the timers of players who are good at high-speed offenses or shooting accuracy.

“What we are talking about here is beyond upgrading, beyond attributes,” Kwong said. “There are more simple actions like shooting mistakes; your ability to be in the perfect position; how long does it take for a player to stabilize the ball? Is it shaking the ball.”

Kwong said that building a list of abilities and summarizing the players who demonstrate these abilities is one of the most important exercises, and developers will consider what they would say to their friends if they point out a player in the list. The TV asked: “What does that guy do?”

“My daughters always ask,’Hey, who is that player?'” Kuang said. “When we watch Edmonton, it’s like,’Hey, who is 97 years old?’ [Connor McDavid.] I thought,’That’s the best player in the league right now; he is known for being able to do things the fastest. Then from there, we made a list of capabilities and asked,’How do we achieve the goal of updating and changing our strategy from time to time. ‘”

Despite the added storyline and goals in Be A Pro, most of the enhancements Kwong described for Polygon last week sounded like changes to serve more than one mode, if not all.

Last month, he assured Polygon that all versions of the game-the previous and current generations-will share the same features. An important reason why the visual effects of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will still be enhanced is because they are switching to the Frostbite engine, which is the last of EA Sports’ three licensed team sports to make this change. It’s hard to express it as an out-of-the-box marketing promise, but hopefully it will make everything more enjoyable, just like introducing a brand new game module or a multiplayer game list.

The World of Chel upgrade “really focuses on gathering with friends and staying with friends. This is one of the key things we talk about in the production cycle,” Kwong said. “The other thing is to help our so-called social center be more active in the new 3D environment. Obviously, in this mode, many of our players will spend a considerable amount of time in the game. [user interface] right?These are two areas, although the game is very interesting, but very frustrating, trying to enter [multiplayer lobbies] Then after the game, try to stay together. “

NHL 22 Launched on October 15 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.