Niantic details Pokemon GO Tour: Johto

The global Pokemon GO event, Pokemon GO Tour: Johto, kicks off on February 26, and it promises to be a huge event. Following last year’s Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto event, players will be able to celebrate the legendary Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver in a whole new way. You’ll be able to choose between Gold and Silver event experiences, each with version-exclusive Pokemon, and you’ll need to choose Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile for your adventure. These Pokemon will be the Pokemon involved in your research assignment for Professor Willow. Here are the details for today, with more to come in the coming weeks!

Special research assignments will include the following challenges.

  • Catch different types of Pokémon
  • Evolved Pokémon
  • earn stardust
  • Take a GO snapshot
  • Defeat Team GO Rocket Grunts

Trainers will be able to earn the following rewards by completing special research tasks.

  • Pokémon evolution props
  • Rocket radar parts
  • Meet the Shiny Tyrannosaurus
  • Encounter with Celebi

“Tickets for the global event are now live! Tickets can be purchased in the in-game store for $11.99 (or the equivalent pricing tier in local currency, plus any applicable taxes). Tickets cannot be purchased with PokéCoins. This event Tickets are non-refundable (subject to applicable laws and exceptions set forth in the Terms of Service).”


If you purchased your Pokémon GO Tour: Johto ticket before the following dates, you can also visit Legacy Season February Timed Study!

  • Purchase a ticket by Thursday, February 10, 2022 to receive a February Timed Research, which includes a rewarding Noibat hat avatar item and a research mission for encounters with Noibat. Log in between February 1, 2022 and February 10, 2022 local time to receive the February Timed Study.