Nier Reincarnation gets summer release date

We will split these mobile calendars as the Nier Reincarnation pre-registration period will eventually end. This means that North American, European and Korean players will finally have the opportunity to experience their first mobile game in the franchise. Even better, we’ve reached 300,00 pre-registration, so you’ll be offered milestones and rewards. However, 600,00 is still the highest layer. Don’t forget to keep up with the Nier Reincarnation trend sooner or later, as today’s press release finally reveals the release date.

If you’re worried about the mind behind reincarnation, series veterans Taro Yokoo, Keiichi Okabe, and Yosuke Saito have lent their talents to the next mobile game. There is also a brief overview. “The girl wakes up on a cold stone floor. She finds herself in an infinitely vast area full of buildings that touch the sky. Guided by a mysterious creature that calls herself a mama, she is new. Start exploring the environment. To regain what she lost and to atone for her sins, she embarks on a journey through this place of unknown creation. “The mystery and abstraction of Nier’s game. Sounds like a perfect blend of chemicals.

Recently, the Nier Replicant was launched, and it was a great opportunity to experience the first chapter of your favorite franchise for the first time. I enjoyed my time with it and wrote:

“Despite some outdated drawbacks, this” version upgrade “is more than the sum of that part. Innovative design choices such as camera and genre shifts are as impressive as they were more than a decade ago. The main character is dynamic, has its own interesting backstory, and the plot is as tasty and devastating as you would expect. Nier Replicant may not convert players turned off by the original or Automata, but with enough quality of life updates for longtime fans and new initiators to come back for subsequent playthroughs. There is a story-centric nuance. “

Nier Reincarnation will be released on iOS and Android devices on July 28th. Are you going to be a player of the day? What do you think about the gacha mechanism? Let’s ask!