Night Teeth review: Netflix’s vampire thriller is a big, bloody metaphorical stew

Sometimes, challenging movies are overrated.Sometimes a slightly trash movie is enough to distract hours of attention, especially if its premise is Blade, hell, And many other blood-sucking B-rated movies; its costumes are from Francis Ford Coppola’s comics Bram Stoker’s Dracula; And its (too short) Megan Fox performance from Jennifer’s body. Yeya Not really original, substantive or scary. But as a vampire thriller that focuses on the quality of the lizard’s brain, Netflix’s latest Halloween product is appreciated for its low demands on the audience.

For centuries, vampires have appeared in folklore around the world, and popular culture adaptations of vampire stories come in various forms and styles.There are gothic things, such as all of Anne Rice’s works, religious things, such as Midnight mass, And things that teenagers fantasize about, such as twilight. There are feminist things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer with A girl goes home alone at nightAnd melancholic things like Cronos with Let the right people in (And its 2010 English remake, Let me in).There are some bumpy things, such as Lost boy, And comedy stuff, such as Vampire and the BronxOf course, there are sexy things, because the image of a vampire is always wrapped in a sexy mystery. For this, we can thank Colin Farrell in 2011 Fright Night Redo, Salma Hayek From dusk to dawn, The late Bill Paxton Close to darkness, And everyone hunger For their service.

All this is to say Yeya Director Adam Randall and screenwriter Brent Dillon have a variety of inspirations for them to use, and they make the most of this. Sometimes, they feel more like aggregators than creators, which is understandable, which may discourage movie fans (or vampire fans) seeking new experiences. YeyaThe creator selects elements from the classics: generations of disputes between the living and the undead, unknowing humans break into a world they don’t understand, and ambitious vampires climbing up the corporate ladder.

Photo: Kat Marcinowski/Netflix

These elements are arranged in a familiar format, most of which are blood splatters off the screen, one or two high-speed chase scenes, and some brazen lines of Dillon, a bit too much for Joss Weiden, just like whether a person is a person or not. Thinking about “giving good blood” or “best suck”, or a joke about a person who “takes a bite back”.

These are not groundbreaking, but Yeya The team obviously did not break any breakthroughs. Whether it is the subject or the vision, there is no impenetrable darkness here. (Yeya Has the same sheen as many Netflix movies, from Kate arrive He is like this. ) What you see is what you get. If you think of it purely as a straightforward love letter written to the genre, and an emotional expression of the clichés and metaphors used repeatedly in these movies, this movie might be a good time.

Vampire wearing a corset and hanging out in a nightclub: check. The duplicity femme fatale flirts while feasting: check.Humans carry crossbows that can almost walk Pew When firing at their enemies, although the result is minimal: check. At least everyone looks happy, especially Fox, the actor Jorge Lundberg, and Lucy Frye who pursues kitsch.If Alfie Allen spent the rest of his life playing the pleasant villain, it would be a waste of the emotional depth we gained from watching him inappropriately and hating Theon Greyjoy for many years. game of Thrones. but he Yes Good at playing with childish smug and dangerous rights, although no one can be as hedonistic threats and joyous chaos like Stephen Dorf Blade, Greyjoy made a pleasant spin on the prototype.

Yeya Chicano and Boyle Heights, a Mexican-American community in Los Angeles. (Both descriptions have played a role in the narrative and the way the citizens of the community are presented.) For three generations, Boyle Heights has been the site of an uneasy truce between the wealthy, mysterious, and eternal vampires that govern the rest of Los Angeles, and Citizens of Boyle Heights, they negotiated for peace from vampire feeding and attacks. Then one night, a woman named Maria (Ash Santos) was snatched from her car. Her boyfriend Jay (Raul Castillo) knows the truce and shoulders family responsibilities to help maintain the truce. He knew that a specific vampire Victor (Allen) had taken Maria away, but he was determined to let her return, even if it meant breaking the agreement.

But Jay, like many of us who suffer, has a job. Therefore, when he planned a full-scale attack on the upper, he let his brother, college student and aspiring music producer Benny (Lundberg) as the driver. Benny was excited about the extra cash, and then when he received an assignment to take him to the mansion in Beverly Hills, he was very interested, and from there appeared a smirking but a little uncoordinated Zoe (Frye) And Blair (Debby Ryan) who is friendly but still avoiding. They have a list of places for Benny to take them, and they need to finish all the work before dawn. After they set off, Yeya Balancing the increasing flirtation between Blair and Barney, the growing tension between Victor and Jay, and the increasing friction between Zoe and Blair, as the story jumps between many indistinguishable mansions and nightclubs.

Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) was sitting in the driver’s seat, grinning, and two female vampires sitting behind him, in

Photo: Netflix

Some introductory visual details, such as the graffiti design of the opening caption tracing the history of vampires in California, or the pair of bloody sneakers hung on the wires after Maria disappeared, may be overly dependent on “Look how urban this story is!” production design model. Thank goodness, Yeya Get involved in this method and avoid filling up Tax officer Misunderstand cultural appreciation for appropriation. Dillon’s script was finally thoughtful when portraying this community and considered why it would be cut off from Greater Los Angeles.

It took Benny too long to understand that those forever young women who drank blood from men’s necks while lamenting the coming sunrise might not be humans, but Lundberg’s performance conveyed a bit of immaturity, A little obsessed and little on his head. His wide-eyed gaze on the new reality is in stark contrast to the deliberately confused performance of Fox and her scene partner Sydney Sweeney, who, with sheer charm, promoted them when they severely fired men. The most satisfying female boss moment in the movie.Watch Yeya And look forward to this The final vampire movie will be a mistake. But the team behind it knows exactly what they are doing, and the lighter touch they bring to their imitation and tribute is to their advantage.

Yeya It will premiere on Netflix on October 20, 2021.