Nightingale announced at The Game Awards that this is a shared world survival game made by former Bioware employees

At the Game Awards tonight, Improbable and Inflexion Games (the studio‚Äôs official name is Improbable Canada) revealed Nightingale. This old-fashioned game is “a shared world survival crafting game set in a rich Victorian gas lamp fantasy environment”, and it must be the first time for us.

“After a magical cataclysm, the player is thrown into a maze full of fantasy and dangerous worlds. The player must venture through mysterious portals, explore increasingly dangerous areas, and find the last haven for mankind, Nightingale, “Wrote in the press release.

You can view the trailer below.

The game is developed by Inflexion Games, a studio founded by a group of former BioWare developers in 2018 (they have developed all of their favorites; from Mass Effect and Dragon Age to Star Wars: The Old Republic). The studio has a roster of more than 100 developers, all of whom are clearly committed to creating an “environmental realism” world, which contains “environmental life, weird creatures” and “P” powerful first-person battles that allow players to All kinds of guns, blades and magic can be used.”

In terms of what this actually means for gameplay, you can expect a “powerful building system” that allows you to build manors, farms, and communities on the land. You also need to use an in-depth crafting system that “allows you to craft the tools, equipment and weapons you need to survive.” It sounds a bit like the intersection of Stardew Valley and State of Decay, doesn’t it?

The game has been announced to be available for early access on PC in 2022, and at the time of writing, no other platforms have been announced.You can View dedicated site for games here.